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Just released, Epicor ERP 10.2, the latest version of Epicor ERP, may be just the thing your business needs to address some longstanding issues with your current release.
 Building on the strengths of its cloud-first architecture, Epicor ERP version 10.2 is now generally available and delivers significant performance enhancements designed to enable manufacturers to grow and compete in today’s global landscape. 

Here’s what you need to know:

Performance Focus: Epicor ERP 10.2 incorporates many enhancements throughout the ERP platform and demonstrates Epicor’s continued focus on performance and quality to improve stability and user experience. Epicor focused on ease of use, product quality and optimizing and integrating business operations across the solution to help increase productivity and grow your business.
Better Business Insights with Epicor Data Discovery (EDD): The Epicor Home Page has been completely redesigned with BAQ Metric tiles and the brand new Epicor Data Discovery (EDD), a Business Intelligence solution intended to provide an extremely easy to use and intuitive data exploration, data visualization experience. EDD is embedded in the new Active Home page and encompasses a broad set of capabilities for managing, accessing, sharing, cleansing, visualizing, and extracting insights from data created by or related to Epicor created data. The system will come pre-loaded with a variety of home page KPIs that vary depending on your department.
New Generation of Mobile – Epicor Mobile CRM: Epicor Mobile CRM is a next generation mobile product that optimizes Epicor CRM capability for mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops. Mobile CRM is included at no charge with the CRM module license, providing customer value via improved productivity and better employee engagement. Available offline or online, Epicor Mobile CRM allows road warriors to:

  • Manage Leads, Customers and Contacts

  • Manage Quote from Opportunity to Order

  • Activity based workflow

  • Call/Email Logging, Notes, ‘To do’ lists and Appointments

  • Implements back office Task Workflow

  • Competitors, Cases and Projects

  • Order History (Shipments etc.)

  • Available on Apple and Android

Epicor Smart Inventory Planning and Optimization: This new product improves forecast accuracy, reduces product and inventory costs, tracks operational performance and identifies and corrects inventory imbalances. Designed as a cloud-based inventory decision tool it performs against critical metrics such as, actual supplier lead times, and opportunities to re-balance stocks across facilities, to help uncover root causes of operational inefficiencies.  You can get a 360 degree view of your inventory – identify value, stocking trends, overstocks, understocks, and potential order cancellations.  Plus, identify root causes of stockouts, excess inventory and late deliveries. User defined filters enable the ability to drill into and report on any subset of the inventory.
Epicor Field Service Automation: Epicor has a brand new Field Service module that allows you to receive, schedule, dispatch and execute service calls, including preventive maintenance. The module runs on smartphones, tablets and laptops both offline and online.  Spoiler alert: You will be able to calculate prices, taxes and charges for customers (including capture of signature), complete work tickets, review service history, and manage inventory. It includes:

  • Call Center

  • Scheduling and Dispatch

  • Contract, Warranty and SLA Management

  • Resource & Performance Management

  • Asset and Maintenance Management

  • Maps Integration

  • Inventory Management

What else does Epicor 10.2 deliver?

Enhanced Salesforce/Epicor Integration: Since some customers prefer using Salesforce.com as their CRM, Epicor has enhanced the data integration to synchronize customer, contact, part, and opportunity/quote data between Epicor ERP and Salesforce. This allows for expanded integration points and provides greater flexibility when synchronizing CRM data. The following features are now available:

  • Support for sales kit support when importing quotes from Salesforce.com

  • Bi-directional quote synchronization between Epicor ERP and Salesforce.com

  • Synchronization process that can include all customer/contact, part and quote records set to synchronize with Salesforce.com

  • On hand data is included in parts sync to Salesforce.com

Other Features: Also included in Epicor 10.2 is Legal numbers in order and purchasing management, enhancements to MES and its integration to Epicor, as well as several other.
Ease of Deployment: ERP 10.2 is designed to provide ease of everything from deployment, education, through support, upgrades and maintenance, resulting in greater profitability, productivity and growth – leveraging open architecture and extensibility to future-proof your organization.
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