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While the world has its eyes on AI technology development, TeccWeb already offers the best AI automation robot factory for Epicor ERP and supporting software.  

Benefit from the powerhouse that is TeccBot to streamline your business processes by choosing any of our ready-to-use robotic process automation tools. Reach out to our experts in AI RPA to develop RPA software robots perfectly adapted to your organization’s needs and processes. 

Define: RPA, AI & Intelligent Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)  

RPA means Robotic Process Automation. It is a machine-operated, rules-based digital transformation, designed to optimize and replace manual, inefficient and repetitive tasks in business processes. Process automation technology is part of a growing family of artificial intelligence tools, including natural language classification (NLC), virtual agents, machine learning, computer vision and other rapidly developing technologies. 

AI technologies promote industrial automation and process augmentation. Automation software creates a flexible, responsive and evolutive workforce, which is paramount in today’s rapidly changing manufacturing environment. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Artificial intelligence is the science behind the creation of machines able to act like humans. AI systems can perform tasks usually requiring human intelligence at a faster pace, such as processing large quantities of data in ways a human worker cannot. 

The main objective of AI is to identify patterns, make decisions and process information the same way humans do. It is particularly effective for manufacturing industries and financial services seeking to automate particularly labor-intensive tasks. 

Intelligent Automation 

Intelligent automation is the fusion of BPM (business process management), AI (artificial intelligence), and RPA (robotic process automation). TeccWeb’s robot factory, TeccBot, is an excellent example of an intelligent automation system. 

What Is TeccBot ?

TeccBot is more than a simple AI tool. It is a factory that builds ready-to-use robotic solutions and enterprise applications to improve your Epicor ERP ecosystem. Our factory is staffed by over 85 leading AI experts, including 4 PhD scientists.  

How Does TeccBot Support, Optimize and Automate Processes? 

TeccBot is the RPA tool that does it all. Since 2017, we’ve successfully automated over 400 business processes and developed more than 35 enterprise applications. Here are some concrete examples of what TeccBot can do for your organization: 

  • Rescheduling Make-to-Order Jobs to update from Sales Order Entry Changes 
  • Drop Shipments input routine to link associated Sales Orders and Purchase Orders 
  • Update Promise Dates/Required Dates on Purchase Order Releases from inbound email of PO Acknowledgments 
  • APR email validation to ensure email sent/received at the mail server 
  • Write-off AR Invoices 

This is but a brief overview of TeccBot’s capabilities; our factory is always looking for ideas to build turnkey AI automation solutions. From creating automatic responses to emails to deploying thousands of bots programmed to automate jobs, TeccBot can do it all. 

Our TeccBot system has the tools, expertise and experience to analyze your unique processes in and out of your Epicor solution. We perform in-depth business process analysis to identify opportunities for optimization and automation and then automate the process seamlessly across your unique enterprise. 

Which ERP Systems Support TeccBot’s Automation Technology? 

Many manufacturers rely on older systems or business applications outside their ERP solution. This is where enterprise RPA implementation provides a way forward by seamlessly integrating and streamlining data and processes across the various systems. RPA robots can pull data from legacy systems, convert it and bring it into your ERP environment for a more seamless, end-to-end automation process. 

Benefits of RPA and AI Automation for Modern Organizations 

There is no denying the importance of using the right ERP system. However, certain aspects of your business may not be fully covered by the tools and modules available in your system. This is where robotic process automation and AI become a valuable complement

By tapping into both technologies' strengths, manufacturers achieve a more thorough and successful automation strategy that covers a broader range of processes and functions within their organization. 

AI-Powered Business Intelligence Tools 

ERP software is great at following rules and predefined processes. However, managing exceptions or making complex decisions based on external or dynamic data can prove challenging.  

TeccBot analyzes the data collected from various sources, including your ERP system. This helps manufacturers: 

  • Recognize patterns 
  • Fine-tune processes 
  • Anticipate maintenance needs 
  • Forecast demand 

TeccBot enterprise RPA, with its capacity to process data and make decisions with AI and deep learning algorithms, provides more intelligent, more autonomous exception handling, thereby minimizing the need for human intervention. 

Manufacturing Process Automation 

ERPs are among the best solutions for automating structured, predefined processes. However, complicated, unstructured processes can be challenging to automate without multiple systems or applications. 

RPA robots manage even the most complex automation processes, as they can effectively emulate human workers and easily negotiate different systems, performing tasks for which your ERP was not designed for. 

Improved Customer Experience & Service 

Not only does TeccBot help you improve your customer service, but it also provides you with a better end-user experience.  

Different ERP solutions and applications mean different user interface that may not be easy to customize or adapt to specific business functions and users. With TeccBot AI RPA, you can easily automate tasks across your applications and UIs, whether desktop, web-based, or legacy systems. 

RPA bots can handle different user interface elements, input data, and extract information, offering comprehensive automation capabilities beyond the scope of an ERP system. 

Reduced Costs 

AI is an absolute goldmine for organizations looking to cut costs. Here are some of the ways it can help reduce costs: 

  • Data analysis, decision-making and predictions: AI’s true worth lies in its ability to analyze massive amounts of data and make predictions based on patterns humans may otherwise miss, thus improving efficiency and cost savings. It can also analyze market data and help manufacturers identify new market trends and opportunities. 
  • Planning & inventory management optimization: Improving inventory management and logistics saves money and improves delivery times, benefiting your customers and increasing satisfaction and loyalty. It also enhances staff productivity and reduces human errors. 
  • RPA in HR: Using AI-powered chatbots or virtual assistants is an efficient, cost-effective way to manage multiple customers’ demands and complaints. Companies thus need fewer human resources, enabling them to make significant savings while improving customer experience. 
  • RPA and RSE: Modern organizations always look for ways to reduce their environmental impact. AI can help manufacturers reduce their carbon footprint by optimizing their workflows. 

Scalability and Agility 

While TeccWeb offers exemplary Epicor services and support for personalization, implementation and upgrades, TeccBot RPA delivers faster deployment and greater scalability and agility for process automation. When your business undergoes change, RPA enables you to achieve results faster and without major system modifications. 

TeccBot: Your AI Automation Solution from Your Trusted Advisor 

TeccWeb collaborates with your teams to find the best ways to optimize your business processes. Epicor ERP software is crucial for process automation in modern manufacturing organizations. However, they sometimes cannot cover all business processes, especially the more complex ones.  

With TeccBot, you’re at the forefront of enterprise technologies, using the latest AI, RPA and ERP features combined. By using these technologies together, companies can achieve their goals faster, more efficiently and more competitively than ever before.  

If you’re dealing with complex workflows and disparate systems or applications, let TeccBot streamline and simplify your business process today. 

Contact our AI automation experts today and find the solution that will drive your business forward.  

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