Epicor ERP Services

Epicor's expansive ERP solution can be daunting to take on without a strong technical partner helping to lead the way. Let TeccWeb help you through an upgrade to Epicor's newest product version - Kinetic 2021.2, or through a brand-new implementation. With a new, user-friendly UI that is browser supported allowing for greater flexibility and easier onboarding of new employees, Epicor Kinetic is the next generation of ERP.

TeccWeb can help with business process reviews to determine how to best utilize your Epicor system, as well as provide training (base foundations training or specific module training). We also develop automation processes within the system that allow for greater efficiencies while ensuring that the Epicor software framework is adhered to and maintenance contracts upheld.

With our technical and operational experience, let us help you decipher and solve issues within the database, and when necessary, navigate the process of working with Epicor support to resolve these issues.

With the decades of experience in Epicor software, TeccWeb's consultants can also help support those organizations running older Epicor platforms such as Epicor ERP 10, Epicor ERP 9, Vantage, Vista, and Enterprise. If you are ready to take advantage of upgrading to a supported version of Epicor, TeccWeb can partner with you through the upgrade process. Epicor has tools available to help make the jump to Epicor Kinetics from Vantage/Vista or ERP 9 easier than it has been in the past - find out more in our blog 'Upgrading to Kinetics 2021.1'.

Whether you are looking for support with a specific project, or would like to learn more about our services and the support we provide, please call or email us today.
1-905-637-9255     Allyson Fitzpatrick - Director of Operations, afitzpatrick@teccweb.com

Watch our demonstration on the Kinetic UI below, or click through to our YouTube page for more videos.