Epicor ECM (DocStar)

Epicor ECM (DocStar), Epicor's content management system, is built for document management and retention, as well as automation of paper-heavy data entry processes. With its ability to integrate with Epicor Kinetic and ERP 10 in a multitude of ways, ECM is a strong and agile tool to have at your disposal.

TeccWeb has performed dozens of Epicor ECM installations and integrations with ERP 10 and Kinetic. With many of our consultants Epicor dual certified as ECM Administrators and in a core area of Epicor, we have the knowledge and experience to successfully implement AP Automation, SO Automation, as well as design custom workflows to integrate in any area of your Epicor system.

Epicor ECM can also be integrated with Epicor's Advance Print Routing (APR) solution to provide even further value and automation to an organization. Automate the storage of documents generated from within Epicor, as well as processes requiring generating documentation to send outside the organization. From auto-emailing packing slips and order acknowledgments, to requesting credit applications, Epicor ECM can minimize the simple data tasks required to be performed by employees, allowing an organization to get more value out of their workforce.

With version control, redactions and annotations, audit trails and the ability to both read and write data between ECM and Epicor, the sky is the limit for finding efficiencies in business processes.

For more information on ECM and the options for integrating into Epicor, please reach out to us at info@teccweb.com.

Watch our demonstration on Epicor ECM below, or click through to our YouTube page for more videos.