Epicor Add-On Products

Epicor has many add-on products available for integration into your Epicor system that are meant to provide further value and streamline processes in a variety of areas. The below are just some of the products TeccWeb has experience implementing and supporting. Whether you are looking for support with a specific project or would like to learn more about our services and the support we provide, please call, or email us today at info@teccweb.com.

Quick Ship/Manifest

With Epicor's Quick Ship module (formerly the Manifest product), the shipping process becomes more streamlined and efficient, making the entire shipping process faster and less prone to error, while also increasing customer satisfaction.

Epicor Quick Ship is a cloud product that is compatible for use with on premise systems as well as Epicor Cloud ERP. It replaces the Manifest product and incorporates the Epicor Kinetic Design and Framework in a new web application. While Manifest is still supported short-term, any upgrades to existing Manifest product will mean upgrading to Epicor Quick Ship. The ERP 10 module Packout Management is the only prerequisite to install Quick Ship, and once the initial set up is complete, Quick Ship acts like a background process, allowing users to complete all day-to-day activities from within Epicor ERP 10 or Kinetic.

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Epicor Manufacturing Wireless Warehouse

Integrating full barcode functionality with the visual appeal of modern mobile apps, Epicor Manufacturing Wireless Warehouse (EWW) - formerly Epicor Mobile Warehouse, in an all-in-one solution for your material management requirements on the go.

EWW is the go forward replacement for Epicor Handheld and is currently compatible with Android devices v5 or higher as well as the latest scanning devices from Honeywell and Zebra. Available for use on Epicor ERP 10.2 and later, EWW provides flexibility and efficiency when it comes to real-time reporting of material and labour transactions. Quickly scan barcodes to allow for accurate accounting of inventory locations, movement of goods from one location to another, and ship full orders all from a mobile device, eliminating time associated with finding a computer terminal to enter data.

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Spreadsheet Server

Spreadsheet Server, the next generation of XL Connect, is a financial reporting tool allowing for real-time report updates linked directly down to the GL level in your Epicor product. Used in an Excel environment, it provides the ability to mix operational and financial data in one reporting tool and allows for drill-downs into the ERP data.

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Epicor Financial Planner (EFP)/Advanced Financial Reporting (AFR)

With Epicor's AFR module now in sustaining support, organizations looking for additional financial functionality for budgeting and reporting to C-level business leaders may want to consider Epicor Financial Planner. EFP is a cloud-based third party product that includes an Excel add-in, allowing for easy modeling of financial scenarios, building of forecasts and budgets, and the ability to quickly and easily identify trends. With built-in budget approval processes, EFP can help any organization build and manage their financial reporting needs.

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Epicor Data Discovery (EDD) & Epicor Data Analytics (EDA)

Epicor Data Discovery is a data visualization tool containing an assortment of metrics displayed on the Active Homepage of ERP 10 and Kinetic. With 30+ metrics across five different roles (such as executive, finance, and manufacturing), gain a clear image of the status of your business in a glance. These metrics can be viewed in various graphical formats and allow a user to interact with the data to further drill into details. With Data Discovery Advanced, gain access to KPIs built to provide a stoplight approach to an organization’s top metrics, allowing real-time updates with clear indications of where immediate attention is required.

Epicor Data Analytics (EDA) provides organizations with another layer of easy to use, cloud based, business analytics tools in the form of prebuilt content packs providing graphical information in the form of reports, graphs, and dashboards. With the ability to build and modify your own, EDA is an easy to learn tool that provides immediate benefit through the ability to quickly see trends in your company’s day-to-day data.

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