Epicor's ERP Kinetic Interface

Epicor ERP Kinetics is a brand-new approach to Epicor’s E10 User Interface (UI) and can understandably feel overwhelming. Your organization should take some time and have a planned and organized approach to learning all the benefits this exciting new change has to offer. Luckily, Epicor understands how big of an ‘elephant’ this is and has rolled out the ability to take the ‘one bite at a time’ approach. 

Epicor’s approach to rolling out their new Kinetics interface has been to do it slowly through each release, adding in more screens in the Kinetic format, along with providing a few tools for administrators to use to help lessen the stress of managing through the change.

Epicor’s Kinetic user interface design has been developed with ease of use in mind, delivering simplified visuals and an intuitive method of use.  They have redesigned the new interface to align the user experience more closely with the same experience you have with your other technology, such as your smart phone or tablet. With this new UI, the software has become more cloud friendly, and still allows for easy navigation for drilling into the details of your business. Best of all, it is based on low code/no code, meaning that IT resources in your company can easily update, personalize, and manage the application through the Epicor Application Studio.


Epicor has evolved the software to appeal to the Gen X and Millennial generation of incoming ERP system users. This will speed new user adaptation and reduce your overall costs of new employee training.
Along the way, Epicor has always given its user base the choice to stay within the view they are most comfortable, whether that be the ‘Classic’ view of E9, or the standard E10 layout, instead of the Active Home Page introduced with Kinetics.  However, if you still have users set in their ‘classic’ ways, now is a good time to start guiding them through the process of learning the new interface. 

In 10.2.300 Epicor introduced the new Kinetic Framework with a redesigned Active Home Page and within 10.2.500, released their Preview Program for those customers interested in trying out the new functionality in reports and processes. By 10.2.600, Kinetic pages are available on a multitude of screens, giving users the first look at Kinetic applications by having both the Kinetic version and the classic version of many trackers available. Kinetic Application Maintenance is also available as of 10.2.600, in which system administrators can enable forms, dashboards and reports for individual users, or roll them out across the entire organization.  In 10.2.700, persona-based Kinetic views can now be rolled out, beginning with the AR and AP roles. Some transactional forms are also now standard in the Kinetic format and the favorite ‘Export to Excel’ tool is once again available in all grid settings.

So – how do you start? We suggest selecting a few power users in the organization and have them begin using the Kinetic applications instead of the Classic versions, perhaps in only one area of the system. As they become comfortable with navigating the new forms, use these individuals to train others, providing their tips and tricks for how to learn it effectively and what to watch out for. Hold mini-training sessions, such as lunch webinars, within your organization to introduce the new look of Active Home Page and how to navigate the new functionality. By starting with these small steps, the organization should become more comfortable with the new UI as you upgrade through new releases.

Be sure to also take full advantage of the Epicor Learning Center courses. These short training videos are excellent tools for learning about any portion of the Epicor system, with most of them provided at no cost. To get started, browse the Course Catalog under the Getting Started > ERP Foundations category where you will find most apply to the Kinetics application framework.  And remember, Teccweb is always here to help you along the way! Whether it be training sessions for users or system administrators, or answering questions that pop up along the way, Teccweb’s Epicor Consultants are always available.

If you would like to learn more about Epicor Kinetics, reach out to us at Teccweb, Ontario's Premier Epicor Services Partner, to find out how we can help you with your Epicor software.

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