Epicor ERP Support Lifecycle

Epicor has changed the Support Lifecycle and you probably don’t know about it!

What’s the big deal?

Well, Epicor has changed how it will deal with upcoming problems with the software, patch releases and your ability to grow your software to meet your needs.


Epicor is changing what you can and can’t do with your current software. In the past you had the choice of purchasing a new module for your software or adding additional users or picking up the phone and getting telephone support. If you were on active maintenance, Epicor would provide for your needs. Not anymore. Now, you must have your software at the Active Support level if you want the same level of service.

What does this mean?

As a user of the Epicor software it means that you are now required to ensure your software stays current as well as pay your annual maintenance. Software release dates are now more important than ever, and you must watch and plan for your upgrades to be able to access telephone support and get the patch release for security, critical bugs and compliance/regulatory issues.  Epicor is also suggesting that there will be “potentially” modified service level targets and hours for Technical Support for the Sustaining Support level customers.

When does this start?

Epicor has already started the process. As of June 30, 2018 they will be turning off the telephone support for all 9.05 version and prior users including Vantage. You can no longer purchase additional modules on these platforms and you must upgrade to a more current release to extend your software functionality.

What does TeccWeb suggest you do?

It’s time to evaluate your software version and make some plans about what you want/need from your software. If you are actively on maintenance and you want to get the most for your valuable investments in support, you need to be planning to keep your software level in the active maintenance window of no older than 2 yrs from the “GA” date. (General Availability). If you are running version 10.1.500 or earlier, you are going to be moved from Active to Sustaining on Dec 31, 2018. You need to be planning a system upgrade prior to Dec 31st. If you are running software version 10.1.400 or earlier, you should be planning an immediate upgrade.



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