Do You Need to Realign Your Business Processes? (Part 7.5 of 7.5)

Most Important of All…

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to such a huge organizational change? Business process reviews should always come before any kind of enterprise software implementation. ERP is not a silver bullet that can magically fix all of a business’ problems. Certainly, it can help streamline workflows and vastly improve data collection and reporting, but implementing and integrating software into broken processes is an invitation for disaster.

Since enterprise software is often so involved and all-encompassing, it can exaggerate communicative problems and amplify the effects of silos within your company. You need to connect your business through process engineering before you then go on to solidify those connections with software.

Looking for more advice on a BPR, or wondering if your business needs a refresh before an ERP implementation? Get in touch with an expert consultant at TeccWeb today!

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