Do You Need to Realign Your Business Processes? (Part 6 of 7.5)

Design and prototype the new processes

Similar and parallel workflows need to be rearranged to happen close to each other (or cancel one out).  If a decision is being made that directly affects your customers or potential clients, ensure that it is located among your front-facing office. If two employees work within a specific system entering data, consider uniting the two together on a team project, or reassigning the tasks to one employee. Map out workflows visually and try to figure out where the awkward cross overs and pain points are located. These are the tangles that you need to unpack, and are even more important in processes are happening across multiple locations or you have global offices.
Crucial to any successful BPR is a second look at prioritization within the business. We provide a list of all the systems and workflows within your business and work with you to order them through importance. Usually in the span of this process, we will also find redundant functions and tasks within an organization. Perhaps two employees from different departments are entering leads into a system, or inventory is being tracked in two ways when only one is necessary. When you engage with TeccWeb for a BPR we take care of interviewing each department and documenting our findings. We will then provide the recommendations to help propel your business into a pattern of growth, realizing untapped revenue and new innovations within your company.
When a BPR is utilized as part of a comprehensive ERP implementation, the recommendations included in the BPR utilize technology and best practices along with training and documentation for a holistic business improvement model to bolster growth and scale for the future.

Stayed tuned for more on this blog series and join us as we examine the 6 steps in a BPR.
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