Do You Need to Realign Your Business Processes? (Part 5 of 7.5)

Identify information technologies that will influence process design

How does your business currently collect its key data and production information? Whether it’s an aging legacy system that has been administered by multiple employees with widely varying practices over time or a haphazard collection of spreadsheets, the key to improving your data collection process is consolidation.
Make sure every task within your company is only carried out once, and the results recorded in one place—which can be easily accessed through that same workflow. This not only makes errors and double entries during data process much less likely—some teams might have different best practices—but it will also speed up the job of every single employee when they need to access critical data.
Instead of searching around multiple folders and messaging coworkers who might have last seen a file, they can simply go to a main data hub and cut the time it took to do their job in half. Cutting costs and freeing up employee time for innovation is one of the crucial reasons a BPR is so critical for a business that finds itself lagging. 

Collaboration Inspires Innovation

The principles of ERP are founded on the benefits of working together. Embedded within Epicor ERP, Epicor Social Enterprise (ESE) supports the fundamental shift in the way organizations collaborate, both internally and externally. Depending on circumstances, examples might include collaborating around a project, a customer incident, a quality issue, a procurement challenge, or a planning event. ESE changes your relationship with ERP, enabling everyone to securely engage within your businesses and leverage ERP to make more informed decisions and foster innovative ideas.
This is just one small example of how TeccWeb can help you leverage Epicor ERP to bring your business growth goals to life.

Stayed tuned for more on this blog series and join us as we examine the 6 steps in a BPR.
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