Epicor Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing – often thought to be important in the B2C marketplace for payments of goods and services, it is not uncommon for B2B companies to also require the ability to process payments through credit card transactions. Offering this type of payment service can provide flexibility to your customer base and potentially offer opportunities for increased sales volumes. Epicor’s Credit Card Processing module adds this flexibility to your Epicor ERP system and your business.

As of Epicor ERP 10.2.100, the Credit Card Processing module provides easy functionality and integration to either Epicor’s own Payment Gateway and Payment Exchange or another third-party gateway such as EBizCharge, or PayPal. While earlier versions of ERP 10 can also utilize this module, the sole connection to processing networks is through the PayFlow Pro Gateway (PayPal). 

The basics of credit card processing within Epicor ERP 10 involves the ERP Credit Card module where orders are entered, and credit card payments are applied. The ability to apply an immediate sale or authorize a payment for a future sale are both available when entering a credit card order. The transactions are made in real time – once the page is saved, the approval or denial is immediately received. The credit card information gathered is PCI compliant and tokenized so that all data is appropriately secure, and once entered, it does not require entry again in the future.

Once payment information is entered, Epicor ERP 10 connects to the processor network, either Epicor’s Payment Gateway, or a third party, via the Epicor Payment Application (EPA) interface. Epicor’s in-house solution has become more robust with the additional offerings of the Epicor Payment Gateway and Epicor Payment Exchange (EPX).  Now all processes can stay contained within the Epicor product - using the Epicor Payment Gateway, encrypted and tokenized credit card transactions are transferred from EPA to EPX (the payment processing service) and then back to the software. The Epicor Payment Gateway connects the Epicor software to the processing network on the cloud so that at no point in time is credit card data stored on-premises. All components are PCI Compliant with high reliability if choosing to use EPX, as Epicor has three redundant data centers in the US that are Level1, PCI Compliant, high-speed processors. There is also a dedicated Epicor support team in place with visibility to the entire process to make resolving any issues an easier process since there are no other companies involved. 

However, Epicor’s gateway and processing software is not the only option. Others, such as EBizCharge, also provide high security transactions with the latest data encryption and tokenization technology. EBizCharge is a PCI compliant payment application that allows users to process credit cards, debit cards, and ACH checks within Epicor. It also provides access to an online customer payment portal where customers can sign in to pay invoices online, powerful search functionality to run custom reports, as well as other benefits such as the immediate release of funds when issuing refunds. For more information on EBizCharge, including TeccWeb’s partnership with Century Business Solutions and the EBizCharge software, check out our website.

No matter which provider you decide to use for processing credit card transactions, it is important to understand the complexities that are involved with handling sensitive personal data and what is required to remain in compliance with regulatory authorities to minimize risk to your business. Be sure to reach out to your Epicor Customer Account Manager for more information on the Epicor ERP Credit Card Processing module and related software options. Previously recorded webinars can also be found on EpicWeb and the Epicor User Group’s website. As an Epicor Certified Services Partner, TeccWeb is also available for support on the module – please reach out to us at info@teccweb.com.

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