Gaining Efficiencies with the use of Epicor Quick Ship

Shipping is an integral part of many business structures, and streamlining internal processes is a valuable way to provide customers with more options and faster service. Epicor’s Quick Ship product offers many features to help companies streamline their shipping departments. Quick Ship is a cloud-based product that can be utilized by both on premise and Epicor Cloud ERP clients, seamlessly integrating into Epicor Kinetics and ERP 10, and solving many of the shipping issues faced by businesses today.

Some of the major benefits of Quick Ship include:

  • Integration directly into Epicor Customer Shipment entry, eliminating the need to enter shipment information more than once
  • Reduction of data entry errors
  • Reduction of manual processes involved in finding carriers and rates
  • Rate shopping available from within Epicor
  • Bring tracking numbers back from carriers into Epicor
  • Automatically print shipping labels
  • Print templated documentation such as customs paperwork, Certificates of Origin, Letters of Instruction
  • Hazardous Material documentation
  • LTL documentation integration
  • Print Return labels
  • Auto calculation and billing of customer freight charges
  • Shipment reporting

Quick Ship uses web API to communicate directly from Epicor ERP to the carriers, meaning that a user no longer needs to navigate to individual carrier sites when looking for rates or entering shipments. By integrating directly into the Epicor Customer Shipment Entry, users can enter shipment information once into the entry screens they are already accustomed to using. Once a shipment is closed and freighted, Quick Ship takes the shipment information based on the ship via method selected and communicates with the correct carrier. Without having to leave the screen, the tracking information is returned and populated, and the shipping labels are routed to a Zebra printer. If any additional documentation is required for the shipment – such as Certificates of Origin and customs paperwork, the proper reports will be routed to the laser printer assigned to that workstation. Hazardous material documentation and LTL Bill of Lading integration is also available if needed. Freight charges are automatically added to shipment invoices using configurable shipping and handling fee settings, eliminating calculation errors or missed billings.  

Rate shopping is available within Epicor at the time of quote, order, or shipment to ensure accurate real time information is available throughout the order process. Reducing the time and steps it takes to get the rate information allows users the ability to give customers the best options from multiple carriers quickly and provides the opportunity to prioritize delivery time and cost savings, based on customer needs. 

Quick Ship brings together and reduces the complexity of multiple external shipping processes into one solution. Reducing the manual entry data from multiple places to one, helps to reduce the occurrence of errors, cuts out redundant data entry and reduces the time it takes to get shipments out the door. The ease of use that Quick Ship provides improves the speed companies can onboard new employees and helps current employees increase their efficiencies.

For more information on Epicor Quick Ship, contact your Epicor Customer Account Manager. You can also reach out to us at TeccWeb for more information on how Quick Ship could be the right solution for your business needs -

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