Epicor Manufacturing Wireless Warehouse – A Modern App for your Warehouse & Distribution Needs

Are you currently using Epicor Handheld and looking for additional functionality and a more modern look? Or perhaps you are looking to further optimize your shop floor and warehouse. Integrating full barcode functionality with the visual appeal of modern mobile apps, Epicor Manufacturing Wireless Warehouse (EWW) – formerly Epicor Mobile Warehouse, is an all-in-one solution for your material management requirements on the go.
EWW is the go forward replacement for Epicor Handheld and is currently compatible with Android devices v5 or higher as well as the latest scanning devices from Honeywell and Zebra and is available for use on Epicor ERP 10.2 and later.

Like Epicor Handheld, Epicor Mfg Wireless Warehouse allows employees to clock production activities, receive and issue inventory, and create shipments – all from a handheld device. With the Material Queue and Work Queue, employees will always know the work ahead of them and be able to easily update transactions, reducing time spent doing manual transactions on a desktop.

Some of the new features of EWW that go beyond what is available in Epicor Handheld include:

  • Several more trackers including Order Tracker, Job Tracker, and PCID Tracker allowing for a view-only drill-down into the details.
  • Ability to add screen links to a Favorites menu for quick and easy access to the areas of the app most used.
  • Full receiving and shipping abilities, including receiving POs or containers, shipping to customers or subcontractors or completing transfer order shipments – including serial tracked items.
  • Inventory abilities including adjusting and moving inventory, ability to scan parts with multiple UOMs, and conducting cycle counts.
  • Configurable settings such as enforcing a part scan requirement at picking and receiving, prefilling certain fields, and preventing over picking.

One of the exciting new functionalities is Proof of Delivery (POD), which allows a mobile user to attach files and pictures as well as capture a signature to attach against the Customer Pack ID. These are automatically attached to the selected Pack ID in the Customer Shipments Entry program in Epicor ERP. This is great functionality not just for those who employ a delivery workforce - this is an easy way for inhouse shipping personnel to capture the physical state of the product leaving the building, and you can use the signature capture as proof of shipment from the factory or warehouse.

For those customers who may not need the full functionality of EWW, but are interested in the POD portion, Epicor offers Epicor Mfg POD Lite. Built on the same mobile platform and technology, it is a stand-alone subset of the capability available in Epicor Mfg Wireless Warehouse.

Contact us for more information about the wide breadth of functionality available or to see a demo.

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