An Introduction to the Epicor Users Group

The Epicor User Group (EUG) is an independent, non-profit, global organization comprised of a community of companies using Epicor Software. The EUG has thousands of members and is broken down into various Regional Groups that provide a smaller user base with which to interact. These smaller Regional Groups have historically held regular in-person gatherings that allow organizations to create relationships with others using the software, while participating in training and user feedback sessions.

There is a strong partnership between Epicor and the Epicor Users Group which enhances the user experience by helping maximize the value of Epicor software to member organizations. The EUG is about Users helping Users. This is accomplished by having the latest software presented in a safe learning space and a community that is shared by members, vendors, partners, and Epicor employees. It is a forum for learning and pursuing the best collaborative approach to develop Epicor software for the needs of the members.

Collaboration occurs through sharing experiences in online forums, as well as regional group sessions, and allowing members to share their best practices, as well as the stumbling blocks encountered, in their specific Epicor software. Training that occurs in the User Group allows for business growth by enhancing user knowledge and gives the super users an opportunity to show the functionality of software.

Through the past 18 months, the Regional Groups have successfully shifted to making use of technology to continue to hold regular meetings in a virtual space. These remote meetings have increased the training opportunities and have allowed presentations from vendors, partners, and users who previously may not have been able attend the meetings when held on location. Teccweb is a Certified Epicor Services Partner that has been involved with the Epicor User Group for the last 6 years as presenters and leaders in the Epicor User Groups across Canada. TeccWeb is excited to announce that virtual meetings have been planned for several of the Canadian Regional groups, for the coming 2022 year. More information will be available on these sessions in the coming weeks.

If you, or your organization, are interested in learning more about the EUG and its benefits, please check out the EUG website at, or contact TeccWeb at for more information on the Canadian Regional groups with whom we are associated.

EUG Member Benefits

  • User Group Meetings
  • Access to user forums
  • Presentations and library of training webinars
  • Epicor Insights Discount
*Membership is per organization

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