Smart Inventory Practices

The past year has held many challenges, with inventory planning and successful fulfillment being a top one for many businesses. Having structured inventory planning processes built into your Epicor ERP software can help identify risks in current inventory scenarios and forecast future needs. 

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Benefits of Personal Cloud Hosting

The decision to move away from an on-premises hardware model to any type of cloud model is one that requires some detailed analysis. With cloud hosting now a well-known entity, the risks to the business can be significantly reduced by moving an ERP system, such as Epicor ERP, from physical hardware to a personal cloud. There are many benefits of moving to the cloud including scalability, security, improved performance, as well as lower total cost – and these benefits greatly reduce any risk associated with a move.

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More than Just Content Management - Epicor ECM (DocStar)

Gaining ever more popularity, document management systems such as Epicor ECM (DocStar) are an important part of an organization’s data management strategy, and with many projects underway, Teccweb is excited to partner with organizations to implement this incredibly agile product. 

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New Product Announcement - E11!

It’s official! Epicor has just announced that the latest major product upgrade to 11.1.100 will begin in April 2021. 

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Epicor's ERP Kinetic Interface

Epicor ERP Kinetics is a brand-new approach to Epicor’s E10 User Interface (UI) and can understandably feel overwhelming. Your organization should take some time and have a planned and organized approach to learning all the benefits this exciting new change has to offer. Luckily, Epicor understands how big of an ‘elephant’ this is and has rolled out the ability to take the ‘one bite at a time’ approach. 

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Don't Be Left Behind by the Fear of Upgrading Your Epicor ERP Software

Is the fear of facing an upgrade making your organization hang back from realizing the full potential of your ERP system? The process of going through an Epicor ERP upgrade does not need to be overwhelming and filled with fear. By sliding into a regular rhythm of installing new patches and scheduled releases, the upgrade to a new version of the software can become a well-known, well-rehearsed event that integrates itself into the regular operations of an organization.

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New Epicor Advanced Unit of Measure Module – Bringing Flexibility to Your Inventory Operations

To stay competitive in today’s market, it is essential for manufacturers to have utmost control over their inventory practices. Implementing strong controls are important, but without a flexible system as a backbone, it can be difficult to attain your inventory goals.

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Epicor Manufacturing Wireless Warehouse – A Modern App for your Warehouse & Distribution Needs

Are you currently using Epicor Handheld and looking for additional functionality and a more modern look? Or perhaps you are looking to further optimize your shop floor and warehouse. 

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Min, Max, Safety Mass Update!

Did you know that you can calculate the Min, Max, and Safety values of a part and update it in a few quick steps?

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Are you Making the Most of your Epicor Service Connect Investment? TeccWeb has a Service Connect Alternative that may be exactly what you need.

Finding an effective and efficient business integration platform can accelerate your business environment and keep all parts of your organization working in sync.

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How Do You Choose A Partner To Help With Your Epicor ERP Software?

The choice that you make can have a profound impact on not just the results of your ERP adventure, but also of the physiological idealism of your employees and your fundamental attitude towards ERP and the software.


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Why go Cloud for your Epicor ERP?

The Teccweb team recently travelled to the Epicor User’s Insights Conference and have come back with lots of great ideas and information for you!

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Strategies to Mitigate Targeted Cyber Intrusions

WannaCry, Bad Rabbit and NotPetya…

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Epicor ERP Support Lifecycle

Epicor has changed the Support Lifecycle and you probably don’t know about it!

What’s the big deal?

Well, Epicor has changed how it will deal with upcoming problems with the software, patch releases and your ability to grow your software to meet your needs.

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Do You Need to Realign Your Business Processes? (Part 7.5 of 7.5)

Most Important of All…

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to such a huge organizational change? Business process reviews should always come before any kind of enterprise software implementation. ERP is not a silver bullet that can magically fix all of a business’ problems.

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Do You Need to Realign Your Business Processes? (Part 7 of 7.5)

Implement the new processes

“It is change, continuing change, inevitable change, that is the dominant factor in society today. No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the world as it will be.” - Isaac Asimov

ERP software can lead a radical, and successful, business process reorganization within your company, but only if you fully commit to the change. Utilize change management best practices and the help of super users to ease employees into the new processes, but don’t let hesitation or pushback slow down the process.

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Meltdown/Spectre - Are you up to date?

Teccweb's technical team provides some information on Meltdown/Spectre

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Do You Need to Realign Your Business Processes? (Part 6 of 7.5)

Design and prototype the new processes
Similar and parallel workflows need to be rearranged to happen close to each other (or cancel one out).  If a decision is being made that directly affects your customers or potential clients, ensure that it is located among your front-facing office.

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Do You Need to Realign Your Business Processes? (Part 5 of 7.5)

Identify information technologies that will influence process design
How does your business currently collect its key data and production information? Whether it’s an aging legacy system that has been administered by multiple employees with widely varying practices over time or a haphazard collection of spreadsheets, the key to improving your data collection process is consolidation.

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Do You Need to Realign Your Business Processes? (Part 4 of 7.5)

Detailed documentation of existing processes and performance metrics
It’s hard to avoid—BPR done right, takes significant effort. You will have to take apart and break down your organization like a machine so that you can oil the cogs and everything can run smoothly again. However, it will make every single task easier to complete, and workflows will be running and reaching goals faster than expected.  

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